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For additional NCSA league resources, login to your coaches account at and look for the ‘Club Documents’ link in the left nav. Don’t have a coaches account? Please email

2022 TBS Scheduling Process

Our Foundation Phase Director, Rick Breheny, will be managing the TBS process for the Spring 2022 season. Please follow the steps below to schedule your TBS game(s). If you need help, please email

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STEP 1. Identify TBS Games

Visit the website > find your team’s schedule > identify the game(s) labeled ‘TBS’. Your responsibility is to schedule the ‘Home’ game(s) only. Next, find the contact information for the team you will need to coordinate scheduling with.

NOTE: TBS league games must be scheduled 5 days prior to the original TBS date and can be scheduled for any agreed upon (between you and your opponent) date in the season.

STEP 2. Find Field Availability

Check our TBS google spreadsheet for openings in the schedule (there are tabs for each month at the bottom and openings will be marked as green). 

NOTE: As per NCSA rules, you need to give your opponents 3 possible dates. 

STEP 3. Check for Duplicate Requests

Check the ‘TBS Requests Made’ tab for existing requests to ensure no other team has requested the same date/time/field. Priority will be given to the first requests.

STEP 4: Requests Your Dates

Complete our TBS request form.

NOTE: If you have already confirmed your date with your opponent, the time and space will be locked in immediately and no other teams may request it – skip to step 6.

STEP 5: Confirm Dates with Opponent

If you have yet to confirm your date and time with your opponent, email them with your three choices to coordinate the best date and time. 

Once you have confirmed a preferred date and time, return to the TBS request form > click ‘edit response’ > scroll down to the opponent confirmation question and select ‘yes’. Your choice will now be locked in – proceed to the next step.

STEP 6: Confirm TBS Game is Scheduled

Rick will now submit your date and time to the NCSA website and your game will be scheduled. It cannot be changed once submitted.

If you need more information please email

Additional Resources

Tournament Heads-Up! Please use this form to quickly give the MSC a heads-up when you plan on participating in a tournament. We’ll use this information to negotiate a lower tournament registration rate if multiple teams are participating and promote your team on Instagram!