Juggling Elite Competition

Our Juggling Elite competition is a fun way for MSC players to improve their technical ability at home through juggling throughout the course of the season. We maintain a MSC leaderboard  with all-time bests.

Players earn prizes for each level they progress:

  • 10+ Juggles: Juggling Elite Certificate and addition to the Juggling Elite Leaderboard
  • 50+: Juggling Elite Star T-Shirt (Orange)
  • 100+: Juggling Elite Ace T-Shirt (Neon Yellow)
  • 250+: Juggling Elite Pro T-Shirt (Light Blue)
  • 500+: Juggling Elite Expert T-Shirt (Black) & Adidas Soccer Ball
  • 1000+: Juggling Elite MASTER T-Shirt (Any) & Professional Jersey of her/his choice

Rules for Qualification:

  • At any training session or game in front of Professional Coach or Team Manager
  • In front of a MSC Board Member
  • Video Submission

How to Submit:

  • Professional Coach or Team Manager submits
  • MSC Board Member submits
  • By player emailing video submission to Carolyn at maroonssoccer@yahoo.com

Why is juggling important?

Improve Touch:  Practicing juggling helps you perfect your touch so you can better control balls coming at you from all heights and in all situations. Improved touch makes it far easier to do things like; weigh your passes properly and keep control of the ball while dribbling.

Balance & Agility:  To succeed in soccer you need to be able to keep your body in control and make quick adjustments and changes of direction.

Setting & Obtaining Goals:  Goal achievement provides an improved sense of confidence for players.

Compete at a Higher-Level:  Improved skill & confidence often leads to increased ability to perform at a higher & higher level during training and matches.