Techne Futbol Virtual Training

Your Personal MSC Trainer, Free for all Maroons Players

Techne Futbol is a one-of-a-kind virtual training platform for our players and coaches, developed by long-time pro and former U.S. Women’s National Team player Yael Averbuch. All Maroons players will have access to the platform to develop their technical skills at home. We will be running team and individual player competitions throughout the season to see which teams can develop the longest streaks and progress through the platform.⁠ Follow Maroons.Soccer on Instagram for weekly and monthly club rankings!

Example Training Sessions

Getting Started with Techne Futbol

New MSC members will receive an email invitation to join Techne Futbol so you can access the app via the Apple app store or Google play store and start training! If you do not see the email, please be sure to check your spam folder and all email addresses it may have been sent to. Once you register, you can change the email associated with the account. If you need a new invitation or additional assistance getting set-up, please email Carolyn Muccio at or

Is there an additonal cost to use Techne Futbol?
No! All MSC players receive access to the platform and club competitions at no additional cost – a $280/player/year value.

What if a player does not receive their invite?
Please email Carolyn Muccio at

Make sure they check all emails it may have been sent
to, including their spam inboxes. Comcast/Hotmail
emails often block Techne invites. Have them add
no-reply@technefutbol to their contacts and try
resending the invite. Also, if they use the email that you
input to the system to “Sign Up” in the app, it will still
allow them to join your group, i.e. it’s not required that
they get the email invitation from us.

Can one email have multiple players?
Yes! To switch between players they will go to the
Settings button in the app (bottom right) and then tap
the other player.

Can you log time for multiple players at once?
No – each player needs their own device to train

Can a player change their email?
Yes! After signing up they can go to Settings > Edit
Profile > and then update their email.

What if a player already has an account?
To list a players’ current Techne account in your group,
just make sure you list them with the same email
address they use for their existing account OR if a player
needs to merge accounts have them email

Is there a coaches view in the Players App?
The Players App and the Manager Portal are different
systems. For tracking purposes, use the Manager Portal.
Use the Players App to see what the players see and
easily browse the training content. Coaches do not have
a special view in the Players App, they simply see the
app like a player does.

Where can I learn more about Techne Futbol?
Visit or follow them on Instagram at @technefutbol