COVID Return-To-Play Safely

We want all of our players and parents to be safe and feel comfortable practicing during this time and have developed specific return-to-play guidelines developed in alignment with the State of New Jersey. 
As a club requirement, all players, parents, and coaches must (1) adhere to our Return-to-Play Guidelines, which stipulate specific safety requirements for organized practices , (2) complete our Club’s online liability waiver, and (3) use the TeamSnap health check feature before each practice and game. 
Return-to-Play Requirements:
  1. Review and adhere to the MSC – Return-to-Play Guidelines – v9-9-20 (last updated September 9, 2020)
  2. Complete MSC online liability waiver
  3. Use the TeamSnap health check feature before each practice and game

Gameday Safety Checklists

Parent Checklist

Player Checklist

Club Policies

In the event a player or coach tests positive for COVID-19 or has been in close contact with someone who’s tested positive, the following procedures will be followed:

  • Player should quarantine for 14-days as per CDC guidelines. The last event the Player participated in should be noted as the start of the quarantine period.
  • Player should be tested and receive the results before the end of the quarantine period. Player’s parents should share results with MSC President Clay Fisher, DOC Matt Myers, and the team’s coach.
  • All coaches involved with the player are required to get tested immediately.
  • The Club should communicate the situation to the team’s parents and keep Player’s name / personal information confidential. The Club will also provide updates to the team parents as the test results are known.
  • Coaches and parents should continue to be vigilant with safety procedures for the team.
  • In the event Player tests negative and does not experience symptoms, she/he can return to practices and games after her/his 14-day quarantine.
  • In the event Player tests positive, the entire team should pause play for at least 14 days and all players and coaches will be encouraged to get tested.
  • In the event the Player tests positive, the club will communicate the situation and steps taken to (1) the entire club, (2) all teams potentially exposed,  and (3) league administrators.

Policy FAQ's

Kids/coaches in close proximity of a positive COVID case should (1) get tested immediately and (2) quarantine for 14-days. If the test results come back negative within the 14-day quarantine period, they should continue to sit out MSC events until the 14-day period has expired.

If a player tests positive our coaches are required to get tested immediately. Coaches only need to quarantine if they've been in physical contact with the positive COVID-19 player or in close proximity (within 6-feet) for more than 10 minutes. Since our coaches follow strict guidelines to remain 6-feet apart and wear masks at all times they should not have to quarantine if one of their players tests positive. 

TeamSnap Health Check

An important part of our safety guidelines is the consistent use of TeamSnap’s Health Check feature for all practices and games. The Health Check is a simple health screen feature available on the day of practices and games. Don’t have the TeamSnap app? Email Carolyn Muccio at

The Health Check can be found in the middle section of the actual event when you open the actual event. There’s a few simple questions that need to be answered. Upon successful completion you will get an all cleared notification. This is similar to what the kids are completing for school each day. Please make sure this is done starting 8 hours prior to each event.  Failure to complete will result in not being allowed to play during practice and/or game.

Take The US Soccer Play-on Pledge

We encourage all players to take the US Soccer Play-On Pledge to safely play this fall.